Jewels "I Want Them All" - Multi Buy


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One bag each of Cherry, Tangerine, Cantaloupe, Lemon, Lime, Shimmering Pool, Deep Pool, Blueberry, Blackberry, Grape, Rose Pink, Strawberry, Raspberry, Bridal, Lily-of-the-Valley, Clear Iridescent, Chunky Clear Iridescent, Ice Cube, Chunky Ice Cube, Diamond Bright, Platinum, Gold, Copper Rose, Bronze, Peacock Feather, Caribbean Blue, Topaz, Dark Sapphire, Mermaid's Tail, Ebony, Toucan, Granite, Disco Ball, Chunky Disco Ball, Rainbow Sparkle and Chunky Rainbow Sparkle Jewels.

This multibuy saves you 10%.

You will receive approximately 1 tablespoon of gemstones in each clear re-sealable plastic bag.